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We seek to help transform the tourism sector in Brazil, fighting on several fronts for a stronger productive sector. 💪

To do this, we have partners who support our projects and get closer to the associated resorts. There are two main types of project support:


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Want to help transform Brazilian tourism?


One of our roles is to promote performance in the resort segment, through synergy and partnerships, as well as disseminating good practices and information in the developments.


The partnership with Resorts Brasil provides visibility with associated resorts and new business opportunities for your company.

The maintainers and partners are companies that support the Tourism Sector and seek to encourage transformative actions in the resort segment.


Project Partners are companies that wish to support specific initiatives of the association.


Maintainers are companies that wish to establish a relationship of at least 12 months, participating in various campaigns along with members.

Meet a few of the companies that support tourism through Resorts Brasil


  • Equipotel
  • Friboi Food Solutions
  • Harus
  • Rentv
  • R1 Audio Visual
  • Seara Food Solutions
  • STR


  • Guide 121
  • Amigos do bem
  • senac
  • fgv cemd
  • JLL